Ambassador Tuggar Empowers Hard-to-Reach Bauchi Communities With Boreholes

The Ambassador of Nigeria to the Republic of Germany, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar has constructed boreholes for the residents of Kari-Kachaf and Garin-Makau communities in Gamawa local government area of Bauchi State.

Speaking during the inauguration of the projects, Ambassador Tuggar said the boreholes were designed to address the crippling water scarcity people in the communities experienced.

He said the boreholes are meant to reduce the hardships residents of Kari-Kachaf and Garin-Maku encounter in their daily lives trying to get water for domestic consumption, travelling several kilometres to source water every day.

Ambassador Tuggar said the boreholes were not constructed for political patronage buy out for pure humanitarian assistance to his kits and kens being a native of Gamawa local government.

“These are problems that with proper local administration in place could be addressed at the local government level.

“It is sad to see that citizens have legalized underperformance and incompetence by voting individuals proven to be incompetent at handling public office into higher offices,” he said.

A resident of Kari-Kachaf who spoke to our correspondent, Yau Mohammed said residents travel a distance of five kilometres with donkeys to fetch water.

He said the community has grappling with this challenge for generations, adding that it is extremely difficult to dig well to get water in the area.

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