Bauchi State Female Journalists Undergo Human Rights Training to Enhance Reporting

By Zainab Muhammad Sabitu

In a significant stride toward promoting women’s rights and ethical journalism, 25 female journalists in Bauchi State recently completed a training program focused on human rights reporting. The training, organized by the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Bauchi chapter in collaboration with the Bauchi Office of the National Human Rights Commission, aimed to enhance journalists’ understanding of human rights issues and their role in raising awareness through accurate and sensitive reporting.

Yachit Dala, the Bauchi State Coordinator of the National Human Rights Commission, emphasized the critical role of media in advocating for human rights promotion and protection. During her presentation, she highlighted the constitutional backing for media responsibilities, citing Section 22 of the Nigerian constitution, which mandates the media to hold the government accountable. Additionally, she referenced Chapter 4 of the constitution, which addresses freedom of expression and press.

On the partnership between the National Human Rights Commission and media in Bauchi, Yachit Dala acknowledged the collaborative efforts, particularly at the national and state levels has grown stronger over the years. Adding that since their arrival in Bauchi in 2019, the Commission has consistently worked with media organizations, recognizing their vital role in advancing human rights causes.

Rashida Yusuf, Chairperson of NAWOJ Bauchi chapter, stressed the importance of the training whom she describe women journalists often cover stories related to human rights violations, and women themselves are frequently vulnerable or victimized in society.

Rashida therefore urged participants to apply the new knowledge wisely, especially when reporting on sexual and gender-based violence and other forms of abuse.

Hauwa Aliyu a particpant of the training and also the Zonal Assistant Secretary of the association, praised the program’s timeliness, emphasized that many journalists in the state lack awareness of human rights principles as the training equips them to better fulfill their responsibilities while adhering to ethical journalism standards.

The successful completion of the training underscores the commitment of Bauchi State chapter of the NAWOJ to accurate, impactful reporting that contributes to a more just and informed society.