“Bauchi State Governor Lauds Wife’s Vision: Almuhibbah Open University Unveiled in Abuja”

By Zainab Faruk

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, extolled the visionary efforts of his wife, Hajiya Aishatu Bala Muhammad, during the unveiling and maiden matriculation ceremony held at the main conference hall of Almuhibbah Open University in Abuja

Governor Bala Muhammad praised his wife’s commitment to education, hailing her as the epitome of dreaming and actualization.

He emphasized her modest background as an educationist, which culminated in the establishment of the Almuhibbah ICT Center, garnering international acclaim.

Highlighting the significance of the newly established university, the governor expressed pride in his wife’s tremendous vision, particularly noting the challenges and costs associated with running a university.

Speaking on the essence of education as a societal contribution, Governor Bala Muhammad underscored the university’s commitment to academic excellence and knowledge dissemination.

The governor welcomed the university under the administration of President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, urging the president to view it as a contribution from the opposition.

Addressing the global context of education, Governor Bala Muhammad stressed the importance of collaboration with international partners, emphasizing the role of education in bridging societal gaps.

Barrister Yusuf Maigari, the registrar of Almuhibbah Open University, disclosed that 105 students were matriculated across three faculties, offering fourteen combined programs.

The Chancellor of Almuhibbah Open Foundation Hajiya Aishatu Bala Muhammad, also the Bauchi State First Lady, reiterated the university’s commitment to providing opportunities for Nigerians, especially women and the less privileged, to access higher education.






She emphasized the alignment of the university’s curriculum with global best practices and expressed gratitude for the support received from regulatory bodies.

The Chancellor Hajiya Aishatu Bala Muhammad urged newly admitted students to uphold the university’s standards and exhibit good conduct, warning of disciplinary measures for misconduct.