Journalists Urged to Prioritize Public Interest and Objectivity in Reporting for National Progress

By Aminu Harsanu Guyaba

Journalists have been urged to prioritize public interest in their reporting and to always be objective in order to benefit humanity and advance the country’s progress.

This call was made by Mr. Lanre Arogundade, the executive director of the International Press Centre, during a two-day capacity-building workshop on combating information disorder in democratic governance reporting, using fact-checking and FOI tools.

Mr. Lanre Arogundade emphasized the importance of journalists providing the public with reliable information, free from bias.

He stressed that news reporting should not merely rely on mental images but should adopt a new paradigm of verifying information using multiple available tools.

Mr. Arogundade further highlighted the challenges journalists face in accessing information but emphasized that they should not be harassed or threatened in the process, as they have constitutional rights to do so.

In her welcome address, the Program Manager, Mrs. Stella Nwofia, stated that the workshop aims to address critical aspects highlighted in the EU’s final report on the 2023 general elections, particularly the significant role played by online social platforms.

She warned against the negative use of online media to spread misleading information and highlighted government cautions regarding this issue.

About 40 journalists from nine northern states are attending the workshop, funded by the European Union, with the International Press Centre serving as the lead implementing partner.