Legal Practitioner Tasks Women On Voting To Marginalisation

The President of National Council For Women’s Societies, NCWS, has said that the lack of involvement of women in governance in Nigeria can only be addressed if women exercise their franchise to elect women during elections.

The President observed that women in Bauchi State and indeed the rest of Nigerian states are only experiencing political apathy in terms of getting political appointments but not voting.

Barrister Shafa’i Ladan, NCWS President stated this in an interview with Albarka Radio in Bauchi.

She said if women in Bauchi and other states alike are to vote for themselves during an election, many of them will take the centre stage in various political seats due to their population.

She added that it is the only way they can champion decisions on matters that exclusively affects them rather than leaving men to decide on their behalf.

The NCWS President expressed optimism that the recent protest of women across Nigeria on the gender bill turned down by lawmakers will receive better attention and favour of men soon.

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