Optimizing Dry Season Rice Farming: A seed production company In Bauchi Gidan Manoma Hosts Insightful Training Session

On January 14, 2024, Rice farmers from various regions gathered in Bauchi for an enlightening one-day training session focused on ideal agronomic practices of rice production for dry season farming.

At the workshop organized by seed producing Companies Green pal, Gidan Manoma and LK Agro-Vet attended by farmers within and outside Bauchi metropolis, discussions centered on identifying the best practices to achieve optimal yields.

Bashir Yakubu Jahun, the consultant for Gidan Manoma Bauchi served as the resource person, addressing common errors leading to reduced income among rice farmers.

According to him, the seed producing Companies find it necessary to organise the training considering the challenges faced by rice farmers especially during the dry season farming, and to also find solutions to most of these challenges.

Bashir Yakubu Jahun, who is also the state coordinator of SASSAKAWA global at the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Program, critiques prevalent herbicide spraying methods during the rice farming training session.

Jahun criticized the commonly used method of herbicide spraying, advocating for the globally accepted snake walking method to ensure comprehensive coverage.

The extension agent emphasized the importance of soil testing to determine fertilizer requirements and provided insights into recognizing adulterated fertilizers that pose challenges in markets and cause losses to farmers.

In his recommendations, Jahun advised using improved seed varieties, suggesting that 10kg per hectare is sufficient, minimizing seed wastage.

He also urged the use of early or extra-early seed varieties to save time.

Jahun took the opportunity to advise farmers to approach their farming as a business, not just a hobby, emphasizing the need to consult professionals before making decisions.

Umar Garba Chibiyayi, a participant commended the organizers, describing the training as an eye-opener for best management practices in rice farming, particularly during the dry season.

Chibiyayi urged fellow dry season farmers to regularly consult extension officers for guidance, ensuring a path to high yields.