The Time For Nigerian Youths Is Now

By Barr Idrees Gambo

My Appointment As the Bauchi State Coordinator of the We2gedaNG Bauchi State Chapter came to me as yet another call to service which reinforces my belief that the youth are the future of any society, as it is a truism that the life of any individual after his eventual death will only be assessed by what difference he was able to make in his society and his general contributions to humanity.

Therefore, this particular movement should be embraced by all well-meaning youth in Nigeria, as clearly the We2gedaNG movement is a golden opportunity for us to try something different, and to me personally, the movement is very similar to that of the National Coalition For Progressives (NCP) to which I’m the National Coordinator. The issue here is that as youth we must unite ourselves in attempting to change the narrative and redirect Nigeria into the path of a true egalitarian society built on the principles of equity and fair participation in governance and in life generally.

I have no doubt that the people of Bauchi State are unique in their love of freedom and in the use of their energy in pursuing new ideas that seek to better their tomorrow. To this end I wish to call our youths from Alkaleri, Bauchi, Bogoro, Dass, Damabm, Darazo, Gamawa, Ganjuwa, Giade, Itas/Gasau, Jama’are, Katagum, Kirfi, Misau, Ningi, Shira, Tafawa Balewa, Toro, Warji and Zaki Local Government Areas to come in their numbers and join the We2gedaNG Movement.

We2Geda is a movement of millions of young patriotic Nigerians, coming together to ensure that every Nigerian life is valued.
We represent a group of Nigerians between ages 18-50 years, home and abroad from diverse ethnic, religious, academic and professional backgrounds with the competence and experience required to drive the much-needed change of the Nigerian State. We have a unified interest to initiate and commence a citizens-based engagement, which avails inclusion and merit in the processes by which we hope to be governed.

To build a united Nigeria where every Nigerian is assured of good quality life, irrespective of tribe, religion and political class.

To establish a new united system of leadership comprising young, competent and patriotic leaders for selfless and more effective governance.

Our principal driving force is love which encompasses love for self, for our community, and our great nation and for all it could be. With love as our foundation, many of the despicable acts being perpetrated by public officers will be obsolete. We will act in love for the betterment of each other and our nation as a whole.

We aim to build a Nigeria where all of our actions are guided by respect for each other, regardless of any
individual differences. Treating each other with respect will further foster
love and unity. There is nothing stronger than a people united.

We shall operate on the principle of justice and fairness – just treatment without favouritism or discrimination irrespective of tribe, faith and political affiliation and uphold the laws of the land.

We want to foster a government-citizen relationship where leaders are in sync with the needs, desires, aspirations and groanings of the people; a kind of relationship where leaders can rightly respond because they can truly understand.

We want to build a Nation premised on the culture of integrity. A place with people who have a guiding moral compass and know the difference between right and wrong, people who will carry out their duties with that same spirit, and refuse to condone contrary behaviour.

Accountability / Diligence
We place great importance on being diligent and aim to build a system with effective checks and balances, to ensure accountability. We are guided by the call to serve the benefit of all people of Nigeria, and we will do so with agility, promptness and diligence.

Our Goal
To create a new generation of patriotic competent leaders to lead Nigeria to become a 21st century economy.

Let’s do it ourselves!

Barr. S. G Idress (Idrees Gambo), Bauchi State Coordinator, We2gedaNG Bauchi State Chapter.

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