Tribute to Late Mathew Godwin Sule

Tribute to Late Mathew Godwin Sule

By Silas Shentukwak

Teachers come and go. But their memories are forever; the lessons they taught are never forgotten.

The death of Mr Mathew Godwin Sule, staff of the Department of Mass Communication Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, left a vacuum in our souls and the department and the Polytechnic community.

In our lives, you played such an important role so well that we will feel blanked out and empty from inside because you left us at a time we needed you most than ever before.

Sir, your demise left us in a state of shock we are yet to absorb. Sure, We lost a wonderful man.

Mr. Godwin Sule, you always believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You gave me confidence when I had none. You completely changed the way I look at school and sharpens my learning desire. My writing skills would be nowhere near perfection than it is today without your influence.

You are not just a teacher but also a mentor, friend and guardian. You persuaded me to come back for my Higher National Diploma, HND and made sure I’m doing well academically.

I remember well when you called me to discuss the FPTB Online TV when you conceive the idea. We discussed at length how it will run and the logistics it will require. FPTB Online TV is a legacy you left behind and I’m proud to associate with it as a reporter.

I met late Mathew Sule in the year 2010 when I came for my Clearance for National Diploma in the Department of Mass Communication. He was seated on his chair, a laptop and a printer on the table. After exchanging pleasantries, I presented my admission letter, he looked at it trying to pronounce my name, I quickly pronounce it for him and his face beamed with a smile. He asked my state of Origin and tribe, which I told him. Suddenly his attention went back to his laptop looking worried and murmured: “what is wrong with this printer? I need to print this thing now.”

I understand he was having difficulty printing from his laptop. I offered to help. Within a few minutes, the printer started working again. He looked up to me smiling and thanked me for helping. From that moment onward, we become so bounded.

Fast forward to his death, on 12th January 2022 I wrote his exams, Film Production (MAC 417). After the exams, I met him in the Department to book an appointment to discuss my project with him being the supervisor assigned to me. He hurriedly retorted that he will get back to me because he was travelling for condolence in Kaduna. He left.

The following day was 13th January 2022 when we are about to start the day’s exams, I decided to check my phone to see social media updates, low and behold, I saw the shocking news on the official Facebook page of the polytechnic. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I froze for some minutes trying to understand the whole story was before I know it, I became dumbfounded and confused, I tried hard to compose myself knowing I was about to write Editorial writing in the next few minutes.

My course mates called my attention that it was time to get into the hall, I turned away from them, wiping my tears and followed the line. I know I should not tell anyone at that moment because it will definitely affect their mode and hence, their exams as well.

Immediately after the exams, I broke the sad news to them.

Indeed, Late Mathew Sule has left a legacy in Mass Communication Department FPTB. We will forever miss your mentorship. Rest well, Sir.

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