Bauchi State Set to Go Green as YALI and ACReSAL Launch ‘One Person, One Tree’ Project to Combat Climate Change

By Muhammad Sani Muazu


The Young African Leaders Initiative, YALI, Bauchi State Hub, and Agro-climate Resilience in Semi-arid Landscapes, ACReSAL, are joining forces to launch the ‘One Person, One Tree’ project.

The ‘One Person, One Tree’ project aims to plant one million trees in Bauchi State, with a view to address deforestation, soil erosion, and climate change impacts.

Each participant will plant and nurture a tree, fostering personal responsibility and community engagement in environmental sustainability.

The project is a collaboration between YALI and ACReSAL, mobilizing youth to create a greener, healthier environment and promote awareness on the importance of tree planting and environmental stewardship.

The Bauchi state Project Coordinator of ACReSAL Dr. Ibrahim Kabir maintain that the initiative is crucial in combating climate change and improving local livelihoods.

He used the medium to urge all community members to participate actively in this vital effort to secure a greener future for generations to come.

The state co’ordinator of YALI Bauchi hub Ibrahim Ahmad Ilyasu assert that YALI is excited to partner with ACReSAL on this project, as together, both organisations can make a significant impact on the environment and empower young people to take action.

The project is set to kick off later this month, with tree planting activities planned across various locations in Bauchi State.