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Bauchi NSE justifies ₦10.3bn spent on 11km dual carriageway

Bauchi State branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), has justified the sum of N10.3 billion cost of the contract for the 11km dual carriageway in Ningi, recently awarded by the State Government stating that there is no iota of inflation.

Chairman of the Bauchi branch of NSE, Dr. Muhammad Hadi Ibrahim while addressing Journalists at the NUJ Press Center on Monday, said that all those talking against the cost of the project have misconceptions about the project.

Flanked by other members of the executive, he said, “We also want to address recent insinuations circulating in some quarters regarding the Ningi-Gudduba 11Km dual carriageway road project recently awarded by the Bauchi State Government at the cost of N10.3 billion naira.”

Ibrahim added “It is important to provide clarity and counter any misconceptions that may have arisen regarding the perceived over-inflation of the project cost. The insinuation that the project was awarded at the sum of N1 Billion per kilometer is highly erroneous and misleading because the road is not a single-lane road but a dual carriage one.

“It is essential to understand that infrastructure projects, especially road construction, involve various factors that contribute to the overall cost. The cost estimation for such projects considers not only the length of the road but also the terrain, soil conditions, drainage requirements, environmental considerations, and the need for quality materials.

“Therefore, any attempt to oversimplify the cost based solely on the length of the road may not capture the full picture,” he added.

The NSE Branch Chairman stressed that “Notably, every Nigerian is aware of the rising cost of everything including construction materials.

“It is important for the public to be aware that infrastructure development comes with a price, and investments in quality roads have long-term benefits for the community.

“We, as the Nigerian Society of Engineers, support the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and attest to the integrity of the cost estimation for the Ningi-Gudduba dual carriageway road project.”

The NSE declared that it is in agreement with the commendable efforts of the Bauchi State Government, under the leadership of Sen. Abdulkadir Bala Mohammed in the area of infrastructure development, particularly in the construction of roads.

“First and foremost, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Bauchi State Government for its unwavering commitment to enhancing the state’s infrastructure. The strides made in the development of roads have not gone unnoticed, and we, as engineers, feel compelled to applaud and acknowledge the efforts of the government in this regard.

“Infrastructure is the backbone of any thriving society, and the construction and maintenance of roads play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of any region. In light of this, we commend the Bauchi State Government for prioritizing infrastructure development, which undoubtedly contributes to the overall well-being of the citizens and stimulates economic growth.

“The quality and extent of road construction projects undertaken by the government are indicative of a commitment to fostering connectivity, reducing travel time, and promoting accessibility across various parts of the state.

“As engineers, we understand the technical complexities involved in such projects, and we commend the government for its diligence and dedication to ensuring that these projects are executed with precision and efficiency.

“Furthermore, we appreciate the government’s emphasis on sustainability and durability in road construction. Well-constructed roads not only facilitate smooth transportation but also minimize maintenance costs in the long run.

“The use of modern engineering practices and quality materials is evident in the projects we have witnessed, and we commend the government for prioritizing the long-term benefits of these infrastructure investments.

“It is crucial to recognise that the positive impact of these road construction projects extends beyond mere physical structures. Improved infrastructure contributes to job creation, stimulates commerce, and enhances the overall quality of life for the residents of Bauchi State. We, as engineers, are proud to witness the positive transformation that these developments bring to our communities.

“On behalf of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Bauchi Branch, I would like to express our gratitude to the Bauchi State Government for its commitment to infrastructure development, particularly in the realm of road construction. We encourage the government to sustain this momentum and assure them of our continued support and collaboration in achieving even greater milestones in the future.”