Communities on Alert: Jos Electricity Distribution Company Urges Vigilance Against Rising Vandalism Threat to Electric Infrastructure in Bauchi Region”

The Jos Electricity Distribution Company is calling on its customers to take proactive measures in safeguarding local electricity infrastructure to combat the rising issue of vandalism.

In an exclusive interview with Albarka Radio, Rilwanu Shehu, the Regional Manager overseeing the Bauchi region, emphasized the crucial role communities play in protecting government infrastructure.

Shehu issued a stern warning to consumers, underscoring that they will face consequences when electric appliances are subjected to vandalism.

Highlighting the indispensable nature of electricity in people’s lives, Shehu expressed concern over the rampant vandalization of transformers.

He cited a distressing statistic, revealing that seven transformers were vandalized in just one week, causing significant hardships for affected communities.

In a plea for collaboration, Shehu urged traditional leaders and youth organizations in the state to work closely with the company to address the persistent issue of vandalism.

He commended the Bauchi state government for its support, acknowledging efforts to rehabilitate electric infrastructure within the state.

Malam Hussaini Abubakar Othman, the district head of Miri, stressed the pivotal role of traditional leaders in this endeavour.

He urged increased collaboration between the company and the traditional institution to bridge existing gaps.

Othman commended vigilant communities for aiding in the apprehension of transformer vandals and called on others to maintain this level of awareness.

Alhaji Sani Yakubu, the Bauchi state chairman of the Peace and Security committee, advocated for the establishment of subcommittees in communities.

These subcommittees would be tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding electric infrastructure in various locations. in various locations.