Unregistered NCE Awarding Colleges Baffles Bauchi Govt, Says ‘Only 15 Private Colleges Of Education Register’

Bauchi state government says out of the over 60 private NCE awarding institutions in the state 45 are operating illegally and are banned.

Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde, the state commissioner of education made this known in Albarka Radio phone-in program Mu Leka Mu Gani, saying that only 12 NCE awarding institutions across the state met the requirements of NCCE.

Tilde added that the ministry in collaboration with NCCE will set up a committee that will inspect the operation of the institutions with a view to saving the educational sector from total collapse in the state.

The commissioner noted that preparations are on top gear to reshuffle nomadic education which according to him will help in addressing security challenges in the state.

Aliyu Tilde also cleared the air on the scholarship, boarding schools, education law among others.

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