Why We Must All Reject PDP And APC

By Dr. Umar Ardo

The sad state of things in our country and our state today – i.e. the destruction of our economy, our educational system, our environment and ecology; the ensuing banal corruption, nepotism, unemployment, poverty, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, genocide; the general state of violence and insecurity across our country and state – is brought to us solely by the PDP and the APC! This is an indisputable and undeniable fact as it is only these two political parties that held sway over the affairs of our country and our state since the return of democracy in 1999. As a longtime member of the PDP, I have seen this destructive tendency in the party, and I opposed it and fought it on the political scene and the courtrooms all through the years.

When both efforts of mine failed to reverse this tendency and achieve the desired results, I then initiated the formation of the APC and the enthronement of Mohammadu Buhari as president in 2015 in the hope that Nigeria 🇳🇬 would have a better deal. Unfortunately, President Buhari and the APC themselves proved too feeble, incompetent and incapable of halting the national drift. In fact, as we have all seen, things became even worse under the Buhari-led APC regime.

It is now obvious to all and sundry that as a people and a country we cannot and should not allow things to continue in this manner. And in order to halt this inexorable national drift and give our democracy, our people and our country a new lease of life and sense of direction, it has become imperative that real patriots across the country migrate away from both the PDP and the APC, and staunchly oppose their destructive tendencies! These two parties clearly have no solutions, or even direction, to our national malaise; in fact, an increasingly dominant public view today rightly sees them as represented by their practitioners as the source of the national problem itself. They must therefore be put out of our public affairs at all costs.

I believe we need to build an alternative platform that will take on the real issues confronting us as a people created by the PDP and APC, and proffer feasible and practical solutions for the betterment of our country. To this end, PDP and APC are obviously out of any consideration. For me, therefore, after sober reflection and wide consultations, I take on the SDP as that viable alternative; and I call on all rational and responsible citizens of this our great country, and specifically all indigenes of Adamawa State, to join us in this drive to rescue our democracy, our society and our people from the malicious grip of these two venal political parties. We have already been destroyed enough; let us not allow ourselves to be annihilated.

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