Bauchi Cleric Advocates For Inter-Faith Harmony In Nigeria

As the world celebrates interfaith week, an Islamic scholar in Bauchi has reminded believers of the teaching of their religion especially with regards to peaceful coexistence with their non-Muslim counterparts.

The chief Imam of Abdullahi Bn Abbas Jumu’at mosque Ustaz Abdulmumini Ibrahim Sulaiman stated this while speaking with Albarka Radio in Bauchi.

The Imam said the name Islam comes from the Arabic word Salam which means peace and all the teachings of the religion are based on peaceful coexistence.

He added that the salutations of Islam are also on peace hence the need for Muslims to preach peace wherever they find themselves.

Imam Abdulmumini Ibrahim emphasized that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught his followers to do good to their neighbours even if they are non-Muslims

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