Blame all Northern Elders for the insecurity illiteracy and Poverty – Yusuf Jangyade


Northern Nigerian elites are to be blamed for the menance of insecurity, poverty and all other vices bothering the region.

It also undoubtedly that Insecurity contributed to Nigeria’s inflation performance, although data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that it decelerated consecutively from April 2022, however, this failed to reflect the reality in the market as prices of goods and food items surged significantly both in Northern Nigeria and the Nation generally.

A technocrat Alh. Yusuf Jangyade made the pronouncement when he featured in a special program aired by Albarka radio on Sunday.

Yusuf Jangyade who is also the senior special assistant on media and communication to PDP National chairman said The subjugation of the people in the name of religion is what has continued to increase the population of out of school children in the north, while The same elite have used religion and tribe to make political capital and are not in any hurry to address the problem.

Jangyade stated that The north-east has been subject to a humanitarian crisis lasting over a decade and caused by the Boko Haram insurgency and the Islamic State in West Africa Province. Meanwhile, the north-west is enmeshed in illegal mining, ethnoreligious killings, and banditry.

He blamed the Northern elites’s politicization of the insurgency and terrorism has given a headroom for their rapid expansion and replication despite the number of northerners as stakeholders in the military and defence sector of the Nation.

However, absolute poverty, illiteracy, and neglect of the youth in many of the northern states created ready pools of recruits that found solace in the use of ammunition.

Yusuf Jangyade opined that The possible and viable solution is to solve unemployment, which he sees as critical to ensuring a safe society with progressive and productive individuals working hard to make the country great.

He called on the elites to shift aside and give the youths a chance to revive the region and that will require all forms of favoritism, ethnic bigotry as well as political unbalance to be put aside for the Northern Nigeria to smile again.

There is a need to interrogate the type of education giving to the younger generation, if it’s the one that guarantees northern people’s safety tomorrow or one that will pull region deeper into insecurity.

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