Killer Proprietor: What I Told 5-Year-Old Hanifa After Poisoning Her

Abdulmalik Tanko, the proprietor of Noble Kids Nursery and Primary School, who murdered Hanifa Abubakar, a 5-year-old pupil, has opened up on a conversation he had with her after he poisoned her.

Earlier at the Kano State Police Command Headquarters, on Friday, Tanko had confessed using a rat poison he bought for N100 to kill the victim.

The suspect, who said financial constraints pushed him into the act, said he killed the innocent child because he wanted to cover his track.

He said he wanted to move her out of the state but he felt he could be arrested since the news of Hanafi’s kidnap had gone viral.

He said, “I picked her at home when she was already sleeping, it was getting to 11 pm. I had finished drinking tea when I woke her up.  I put the remaining tea in an empty container of BoBo yoghurt, then I poured rat killer poison inside it.

“I told her that I was taking her back to her uncle’s house and on our way, I gave her the drink on the road and she drank it, then we entered one branch of the school because the school’s branches are two.

“We entered the other branch with her and I told her I was going to pick something inside. She entered and that was where she finally died,” he said.

Tanko also disclosed that he buried her in the school because he was not able to get a secure place to dig a hole and bury her.

The Kano State government has since closed the school indefinitely.

Daily Trust reports that the place earlier, people were seen discussing the incident. The gruesome murder of the five-year-old child has sparked a nationwide outrage.

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