FrontFoot Media initiative workshop: Journalist charged to reporting government financial management

By Silas Shentukwak

Journalist have been urged to focus attention to reporting on public financial management particularly at the sub national, state and Local Government.

A chatterd accountant, malam Zakari Ismaila made the call as he facilitate at the fifth Audit reporting training workshop for journalist in Gombe state organized by FrontFoot Media Initiate.

According to Zakari Ismaila, doing so will enhance good governance, accountability, transparency and boost Nigeria democracy.

He define “Public financial management is seen as the frame work, processes and tools governments use to plan, allocate, manage and monitor public resources including revenue expenditure, assets and liabilities. It encompasses the entire financial management cycle in the public sector from budget formulation and execution to accounting, reporting, auditing and legislative scrutiny”.

Malam Zakari dwelled on how journalist critically focus on audit reporting that will enable them report public financial management to benefit the citizens.

Other speakers, Mr Emeka Ezeze, Mr Sonala Olumhensi and Abu Sully urged journalist to acquaint themselves with section 2, chapter 2, sub section 22 of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution as it empowers journalist to monitor and report governance at all levels to uphold accountability and transparency.

They are also called on journalist to intensify their watchdog role in monitoring government, deploy audit reporting to provide in-depth reporting on financial management.