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Lagos Orders Rreintroduction of History into School Curriculum

The Lagos State Government has ordered the reintroduction of History as “a stand-alone subject” into the basic and junior secondary schools in the state.

According to a memo addressed to private school owners and signed by the Director of Research at the Office of Education Quality Assurance of the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Pelumi E.I, the new development is in line with the directives from the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

The memo added that the subject has been re-introduced in the National Curriculum and the current Lagos State Unified Schemes of Work for primary and junior secondary schools.

The government said the subject is compulsory for both primary and junior secondary classes but elective for senior secondary classes.

It could be recalled in 2018, the federal government ordered the reintroduction of history as an independent subject into the basic and junior secondary schools in the country.

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, who gave the directive, said the subject would allow students to know the history of the country.

Mr Adamu said the importance of history to nation building, national identity, patriotism and overall human development could not be overemphasised.


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