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Remain United: JNI Caution Members

Officials and members of Jamaatu Nasril Islam Toro local government at all levels were urged to remain united and work together for the attainment of its goals.

Sheikh Ahmad Mohd Makama chairman central purpose committee give the directives while addressing members of the first aid group of Islam and officials of the group in Lame, Toro and Jamaa districts when he lead the local government officials on an advocacy visit in the district.

Sheikh Ahmad Makama said unity of its members remain the first priority of his council hence, he challenged all members, officials and members of the first aid group to remain united and await all directives from the local or state office.

According to him all machineries were put on motion to bring unprecedented development to the group as plans has reach advance level on the propose JNI local government secretariat at its headquarters in Magama Gumau, launching of its second year annual tree planting campaign and the action plan on the 2023 general election among others.
While pledging determination for the actualization of all the target plans he assure his council resolve to partner with all stakeholders members and officials of the group at all levels to achieve the said objectives.

He commended all and sundry who are supporting the group such as government; politician and philanthropies, while assuring them judicious utilization of all their assistance. He maintained that their support would not go in vein as the gesture would be reciprocated positively.

During the three days district visitation the local government officials has met with all Aid group members, district and ward officials, chairman and members of fifteen standing committees as well as paid a homage to the district heads of the area.

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