Youth Activists Trained on Religious Engagement and Advocacy

By Abubakar Ahmed

A comprehensive 5-day training on the Common Ground Approach to Religious Engagement and Advocacy has equipped youth activists in Bauchi State with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote peaceful co-existence and Freedom of Religion or Beliefs.

The training was organized by Young Leaders Network in collaboration with Search for Common Ground under the Nigeria Youth Collective Action for Religious Engagement Project.

The event brought together 22 youths from the Bauchi State Youth Religious Advocacy Network to strengthen their capacity for effective religious engagement and advocacy.

Moses Danjuma Kusko, Programme Manager for Governance and Youth Engagement, tasked the youth to identify their target stakeholders, analyze their positions, assess their influence, and craft messaging that resonates with policymakers.

The training aimed to empower the youth to become agents of change, promoting peaceful co-existence and conflict prevention in their communities.

Veteran peace actors Garba Surama Ahmed and Zainab Yusuf attended the training, sharing their expertise and experiences with the youth.

Zainab noted that the training exposed her to the Common Ground Approach, stakeholder mapping, listening skills, empathy, and conflict resolution.

Surama shared that he gained valuable insights into online hate speech, approaches to advocacy, and the importance of data-driven advocacy.

The training aimed to equip the Network with the tools to address and prevent conflict along religious divides in Bauchi State.

By applying the Common Ground Approach, the youth activists are now better equipped to promote peaceful co-existence and Freedom of Religion or Beliefs in their communities.

The training is expected to have a positive impact on the state, promoting a culture of peace and understanding among youth from different religious backgrounds.