Al-Muhibba Foundation, led by Bauchi state’s First Lady, provides Ramadan aid to 1000 Almajiri pupils, emphasizing compassion and community support.

By Zainab Faruk

Al-Muhibba Foundation, spearheaded by the Bauchi state’s first lady Hajiya Aishatu Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, has organized a Ramadan Feeding program for 1000 Almajiri pupils in Bauchi.

Speaking to our correspondent Zainab Faruk, the coordinator of the foundation Zahra Baba, emphasized that this initiative aligns with the compassionate spirit of Ramadan and echoes the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to support the less fortunate in society.

Zahra Baba asserted that Almuhibbah foundation being non-governmental, remains steadfast in its commitment to assist the needy, with a primary focus on the less privileged, which is the core mandate of the organisation.

Zahra Baba detailed the feeding program, conducted in phases, wherein over five hundred Almajiri pupils were treated to Iftar dinners.

Additionally, they were provided with essential items such as shoes, detergent, and soap for their well-being.

In addition to Iftar meals, Zahra Baba also said that the foundation has provided other necessities to ensure the cleanliness and health of the Almajiri pupils.

The coordinator urged individuals and other non-governmental organizations to follow the lead of the Al-Muhibba Foundation in extending feeding programs to those in need, particularly during these challenging economic times.

Program manager Ali Usman reiterated the foundation’s commitment to alleviating the plight of Almajiri pupils, emphasizing the importance of reaching out to vulnerable members of society, as championed by the state’s first lady and founder of the foundation, Hajiya Aishatu Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad.

Ali Usman opined that since its inception in 2010, Al-Muhibba Foundation has remained apolitical, focusing solely on humanitarian efforts, and called on donor agencies and philanthropists to join hands with the foundation in its mission to support the most vulnerable in society.

Amadu Muhammad and Bello Isah, beneficiaries from Tsangayar Malam Naziru in Zongoro village of Ganjuwa local government, expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Al-Muhibba Foundation and the Bauchi state First Lady for this unprecedented act of kindness, noting that this is the first time they have witnessed such generosity, and expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the Foundation.b

Similarly, Malam Muhammad Naziru, one of the Tsangaya teachers, offered prayers for the foundation and its founder, expressing hope for abundant blessings from Allah.

According to Malam Muhammad Naziru, If other organizations replicate this gesture, it will significantly alleviate the hardships faced by the less privileged members of society.