Bauchi Commissioner of Natural Resources Visits the Hon. Minister of Solid Minerals: Expresses Readiness of Bauchi State Gov’t to Improve Mineral Exploitation in the State

In a bid to revitalize mineral exploitation efforts within Bauchi State, the Commissioner of Natural Resources, Hon. M.M Bello (Sadaukin Alkaleri), recently convened a crucial meeting with the Honorable Minister of Solid Minerals, Hon. Henry Dele Alake.

Asserting the state’s determination, the Commissioner underlined Bauchi’s commitment to leveraging its abundant mineral resources.

Emphasizing the imperative of collaborative endeavours, he delineated comprehensive plans to upgrade infrastructure, institute environmentally conscious mining practices, and foster an investor-friendly climate.

Acknowledging Bauchi State’s proactive stance, the Honorable Minister, Mr. Alake, lauded the initiatives of the Bauchi state gov’t and pledged federal government’s support to facilitate conducive policies and regulatory frameworks.

Stressing the significance of intergovernmental cooperation, he emphasized the potential for socio-economic dividends through responsible and efficient mining endeavours.

The Minister, moreover, expressed his intention to personally visit Bauchi State to explore its rich mineral reserves firsthand.