JUNE 12: Bauchi Deputy Gov Lauds Gov Bala for Granting Financial Autonomy to Judiciary, Legislature

The Bauchi State Deputy Governor, Mohammed Auwal Jatau on Monday extolled the democratic values and culture of the state governor, Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed as Nigeria celebrates this year’s June 12 Democracy Day.

In a congratulatory message to the governor and the people of the state on the occasion, Mohammed Jatau said Bauchi is lucky to have Senator Bala Mohammed, a true democrat, as the governor.

“His Excellency, my principal has demonstrated passion for democracy considering how he was able to conduct local government elections for the first time in a period spanning over a decade in Bauchi. This was born out of his honest resolute to give an opportunity to citizens to participate in governance by allowing them to choose competent leaders closer to them at the grassroots levels.”

The Deputy Governor said under Governor Bala Mohammed, rule of law became absolute among government institutions in the state saying, “Despite leading a PDP–executive council, the governor succeeded in entrenching a harmonious working relationship with an APC-dominated assembly to allow him to deliver good governance to the citizens of the state. This breakthrough can only be accomplished by a firm believer in democratic values and ideals.”

“My principal did not only give the judiciary a free hand to operate as an independent arm, but also grant it autonomy as the last hope of the common person. All these are true reflections of the pedigree of Governor Bala Mohammed’s commitment to work and protecting the culture of democracy in Bauchi State.”

According to him, the judiciary being a non-elective arm of government remains the stabilizing factor in a democracy, hence it needs understanding, cooperation and support of other Arms of Government.

“His Excellency, Governor Bala Mohammed since his assumption in office on the 29th of May 2019, made a decision to operate an open door policy of an all-inclusive government, anchored on transparency, rule of law, accountability and good governance. To achieve that, the Governor had carried along other arms of government by collaborating and cooperating with them while recognizing and respecting their independence as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

“Due to his avowed belief in Justice, fair play, rule of law and independence of the judiciary, the Governor has done creditably well within the limited resources available, to provide a conducive atmosphere for the judiciary and the legislature to function effectively and efficiently in accordance with the international best practices.”

Mohammed Jatau therefore applauded the governor for being the first governor in the history of Bauchi State to signed into law, the Bill to give the legislative and judiciary arms of government financial autonomy, saying that “it has shown that the Governor is truly a democrat.”

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