Islamic scholars urged to shun unguarded utterances

By Muhammad Sani Mu’azu 

Islamic scholars have been urged to shun rumours during their preaching session as it is against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

They are also advised to devote their preachings to issues that would promote unity, peace and stability of the nation.

One of the respondents, Sheikh Shaya’u Yushe’u Ahmad, made the call when he featured in Matambayi Baya Bata, a question and answer Islamic program of Albarka Radio.

Sheikh Shaya’u Yushe’u Ahmad cited so many examples on how Islamic scholars acted on false information to castigate high ranking individuals especially politicians, only to find out that the story is accurate hence the need to ensure self restraint.

He quoted verses from the holy Qur’an and Hadiths of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that hinted on the danger of rumor mongering especially among scholars, who are seen as role models, that have great influence on their followers.

Sheikh Shaya’u Yushe’u Ahmad also advised followers to always fact check stories given to them by scholars, especially stories that are capable of tarnishing the image of others, as they are also bound to make mistakes.
He equally admonished politicians to avoid character assassination of their opponents as they will account for all their utterances in the hereafter.

Also speaking, the chief Imam of Umar bn Abdulaziz Jumu’at Mosque G.R.A Bauchi, Dr. Usman Ibrahim Giade, cautioned Islamic scholars to avoid jumping into every topic of discussion, especially on issues they have no or little knowledge on, so as not to mislead their followers.

Dr. Usman Giade added that fact checking of stories is rooted from Islamic religion and as such scholars should always authentic stories before telling their followers, especially stories that are sourced from social media.